Club Page

Welcome Racers to the TCC!

This page is the place for race dates, rules and info on how be be a fair and safe race participant. 

Take the license class tests to race against drivers in your class on race days.

Member Terms and Conditions

  • 12 Hours Per Month
  • 3 Hours a week
  • Peak hours are available to be pre-booked in 1 hr slots (not consecutive), or members may have a regular league booking from 8 pm – 2hrs must have min 3 drivers.
  • Peak standby – 15mins before the session starts for 1 hr slot.
  • Off-peak hours are available to be pre-booked in 2 hr slots.
  • Purchase additional member hours 50% off walk-in prices.
  • Hours don’t roll week to week or month to month.

Out member philosophy is simple: we want to give you MAX hours for min price.​We need to ensure we share the love, and allow all members reasonable access in reasonable hours.​ We also need to make room for pay-to-play casual customers.​ Could you help us build the club and the business? More business = more rigs in the future!

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