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Trackday Vietnam – Motorsport Simulation
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Saigon Outcast

Motorsport Simulation

NOW OPEN at Saigon Outcast​

We've got you covered from world-leading hard-core tarmac simulation to the crazy fun of Wreckfest rally and derby races.

Race your mates with a group or function booking or join our club with outstanding membership rates and join-in on regular events or start a league.

Limited Spaces Available

Join the Club

800,000 VND per month!

1,000,000 VND per month!

Our member philosophy is simple: we want to give you MAX hours for min price. We need to ensure we share the love, and allow all members reasonable access in reasonable hours. We also need to make room for pay-to-play casual customers. Help us build the club and the business. More business = more rigs in the future!

featured Games

From fun to hardcore simulation, we've got you covered.


As real as it gets, it's a career starter with years of training, it's the world's premier racing sim.

Project Cars 2

Racing your friends or hone your skills against the AI with this hardcore racing simulator with your favourite cars and tracks from around the world.


Rally, stadiums and more, drive to survive. Race your friends in a good old fashioned smash em up derby.

Automobilista 2

Automobilista 2 is the culmination of a project developed over the course of nearly a decade. Get ready to race.


about us

We are a group of eSim racing enthusiasts that have built a center to share our passion. We have four racing rigs available for hire to play your favourite games with high quality computers, and racing rigs.

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